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For quotes, please contact us! And if you don’t see your specific need addressed on our list of services, don’t give up on us; reach out and let us know what you’re in need of- maybe we can still help you!


Editing and Proofreading: Are you in need of a pair of fresh eyes? Do you have a manuscript you’ve written, but the flow is odd? Give yourself a break, let us take a look! We provide both editing and proofreading services for any written document.


Professional Résumés, Cover Letters and Follow-Up Copy: Has it been what seems like decades since you updated your résumé? Having difficulty knowing where to begin? If so, let us help you!

We know that you could select from hundreds of résumé writers, so you’re probably wondering what makes our services unique.  Well, here’s our secret recipe- we work on making you the total package. Let’s face it, hiring managers have seen thousands of good résumés  and cover letters, but if that was enough you wouldn’t have to interview for the job! They want to evaluate you, the person, not just your credentials.

But we have you covered- we provide career coaching that will help leverage your changes of making a great first impression! Our team of professionals want you to walk away with a renewed sense of confidence!


Website Copywriting: In most cases, your website is your first impression. Why jeopardize your reputation with poorly written website content? Our packages include: grammatically correct, engaging content; editing of any existing website copy and keyword infusion to help drive traffic to your website through the various search engines.


Biographies: If you cannot write a biography that doesn’t communicate, “I’m the best”, we’ve got a solution for you! Let us write it and you can release the guilt of unintentional boasting!


Reviews: So you have this awesome product or book, but no one to give you any unbiased feedback. What a shame! Okay, okay, we’ll do it! We spend time reading your book (we can even proofread it) or using your product and we write an honest (don’t try to bribe us with chocolate, cars or any other prized commodity) review! It’s that simple!


Proposals: You know what you want to propose; but on paper it doesn’t sound as well as it does in your head. We don’t want you to walk into that important meeting with a proposal that doesn’t capture the fullness of your ideas. And we’re sure you don’t want that either! Don’t risk it, let us work with you to develop a proposal that will knock the socks off of whomever’s reading it!


Pay-per-click and SEO consulting: This is an exclusive service we provide to Create-ster clients. To learn more about them, please visit Create-ster’s website!


Social media consulting: We help you leverage your brand’s reach by developing effective social media strategies.




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