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Our Affiliates

Let’s say you’re a blossoming entrepreneur, your days are congested and your time is scarce, right? Perhaps you’re a career-transitioning professional who works 12-hour days, you too have minimal time. But there’s a project that you want completed. If you’re the entrepreneur, maybe it’s a company logo? Website? If you’re the career-transitioning professional, maybe your new career requires a more innovative approach? You could use headshots to accompany your new résumé (that we helped create).

No matter what services you may need, time will be your greatest challenge! You could save so much time by working with a diverse team of professionals. Not only that, you could guarantee that your project would be completed with the highest level of precision.

Sound too good to be true? Well you’re in luck… it is true!

About Lilly Pad & Pen Affiliates

We wanted to give our clients the convenience they deserved; so we developed Lilly Pad & Pen affiliates. These affiliates are talented, accomplished professionals who are ready to help you! Although these affiliates are not employees of Lilly Pad & Pen, they have been rigorously screened based on their experience, skill, affordability and professionalism. We are confident that each affiliate will uphold the Lilly Pad & Pen standard.

Our affiliates are in the following fields: human resources, life and career coaching, graphic design, web design, photography and PPC/SEO.

Perks of utilizing Lilly Pad & Pen Affiliates

All-in-one discounted packages: We will package our services with those of the selected affiliate and discount the total cost.

All in-house team: No longer do you just come to Lilly Pad & Pen for your writing and editing needs; no longer are you forced to split your budget 10 ways; throw out the classified ads requesting portfolios- you don’t have time to review them anyway! We will be your one-stop shop!

Peace of mind: You don’t have to worry about whether your copy editor is communicating with your web designer or whether the finished project will reflect a unified effort. You can trust that we work closely with our affiliates to guarantee only the best products. But don’t take our word for it, let the end result speak for itself.

Free time: This is an unfamiliar concept for many professionals. Let us handle your project, so you can focus on more important things. The only thing you can lose in not making this decision is more time.

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